Antelope Park

Date: July 7, 2018


Location: Antelope Park - Lincoln, Nebraska 


Equipment: Spirit Box, EMF Meter, temperature gauge, Ovilus III, flashlights, camera, EVP recorder 



Antelope Park is a public location with a great deal of foot traffic. We waited until 9:30pm before beginning our investigation. 

Areas Investigated: Veteran's Memorial Garden, behind Caretaker's House, near open stage, bell in the center of the park


Throughout the night we asked questions in order to get a response on several different pieces of equipment. We received quite a few relevant answers to particular questions with the sprit box and with the Ovilus III. Some of the most significant responses came after asking about certain tragic events that occurred within the park including the murder of a young woman and assaults that may have happened within the park. In the area near the stage, the word “leave” was repeated several times on the spirit box and in the area of the Veteran’s Memorial Garden we kept getting the word “safe” on the spirit box and on the Ovilus III. When we were near the bell in the center of the park we were able to pick up the name Gary on the spirit box and the word assault on the Ovilus III. After asking Gary how many assaults had occurred in the park, we received the response of “8.” Then as a follow up, someone asked if the assaults occurred in the park and we received a clear response of, “They all happened here.”

We recorded a significant change in temperature near the Veteran's Memorial Garden. In the area near the center of the garden, we received a negative temperature reading that decreased to about -7 degrees. The average temperature recorded throughout the night was around 78 degrees. The gauge was tested by passing a hand in front of the sensor, which brought the temperature back up and when the hand was moved the temperature immediately dropped. 

Two members of the team experienced being touched. One member felt someone touch the back of her neck. Later, another member had her wrist touched and then felt someone wrap his or her fingers around her hand. A feeling of heaviness was felt near the tree line behind the caretaker’s house and frequent fluctuations in temperature were felt as we made our way around the park.

*Haunted Nebraska does not support trespassing in order to visit haunted locations. Before visiting, ensure that permission and/or permits are received in order to avoid destruction of property, trespassing on privately owned land, or altering landmarks. The above mentioned offenses are punishable by law and help to ensure the preservation of these places. Check the hours of operation, city and county regulations, and rules before visiting.*

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