Date: October 13th and 20th 2018


Location: Mayhew Cabin/John Brown's Cave - Nebraska City, Nebraska 


Equipment: Spirit Box, K2 Meter, Ghost Meter, Ovilus III, EVP recorder, camera, flashlights, temperature gauge, Mel Meter, motion sensor, laser grid 


There are four buildings on the property, which include the cabin (with the cave beneath), a church, schoolhouse, and a train depot.


Church -

We set up multiple EMF detectors, Ovlius III, a voice recorder, temperature gauge, and a laser grid.

We conducted a session of questions by using a flashlight. We asked several questions about the church and the people who once used the church in order to receive responses by having the entity turn on and off the light. In addition to receiving some responses during the flashlight session, we were also able to get some hits on the EMF meter and several words were received on the Ovilus III.










































Cabin -

Inside the cabin we started on the top floor. Right away on the spirit box we were able to communicate with what we believed to be a small child. We were able to get several responses including the word “leave,” which from our questions, we believed was from the need for the children to go to bed because it was late. After being upstairs for a while, we made our way downstairs to the main level of the cabin. On this level, a medium picked up a strong presence of a child in the room. Several guests on the investigation felt as if someone was pressing against their back. I had my voice reorder on during our time on the main level. After analyzing the voice recordings I picked up a possible EVP.



EVP Main Level - Mayhew Cabin -
00:00 / 00:00

Cave -

The cave was our last stop. While inside the cave, we remained in the main cellar area.

We set up all of our equipment and did receive some hits on the EMF meter, but could not get any clear responses to questions. One of the guests on the investigation left the cave because she felt an overwhelming need to leave. She felt as if someone was forcing her out.

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