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A Gift from a Mysterious Neighbor

Photo Credit: Sarah Stream Photography

Most people never experience seeing an apparition. Even more never experience seeing an apparition they are able to have a conversation with. A woman from a small town in central Nebraska encountered two spirits in her previous residence.

This is her story:

My family and I lived in a house in central Nebraska. The second week we lived there, someone was knocking at our back door. When I opened it, an old man was standing there with a small willow basket. The basket was empty and he said, “This is for your little girl.” Thinking this was a neighbor of ours, I accepted it. I said thank you and he left.

Later, I asked our neighbors if they knew this old man from the neighborhood. No one knew who he was.

Then a couple of months later, I was woken in the middle of the night by someone grabbing my forearm. When I looked over, there was a dark mass beside my bed. It disappeared when I screamed and was heading for the window. I was so scared that I climbed over my husband and I would have gone out our bedroom window if he hadn't grabbed me and pulled me back. All I could think was I have to get out of there.

My daughters had experienced seeing a man go up our basement stairs when no one else was in the house. I kept the empty basket for many years. My oldest daughter destroyed it last year. She claimed it creeped her out.

I'm told that weird things still occur there today.

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Photos courtesy of Sarah Stream Photography

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