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An Extra Dinner Guest

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Personal Ghost Stories from Nebraska Series

“An Extra Dinner Guest”

The tenant of an apartment in the Everett Neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska saw a ghostly figure after dinner with a friend one night. After eating, the tenant's friend went into the living room to watch television on the couch while she cleaned up. The layout of the apartment allowed for visibility of the living room from the kitchen sink. While she was washing dishes, she heard her friend say something to her. As she lifted her head to look toward him, she saw someone out of the corner of her eye walking toward her bedroom down the hall. Knowing that the only other person in the apartment was her friend, she immediately came to the assumption that it was him who had stood up and passed by her. Since she hadn't heard what he had said, she formed the idea that he had asked her to follow him.

The hallway and bedrooms in the back of the apartment were completely dark. As she followed the figure down the hall she believed the figure looked exactly like her friend, who had shoulder-length hair. She followed him through her bedroom, the spare bedroom, and back around into the kitchen where he vanished. Baffled by his disappearance, she passed through the galley kitchen to the doorway that led to the main hallway and found her friend sitting on the couch. She asked him if he had said anything to her and had then walked through the apartment. He explained that he had not moved from the couch since sitting down.

After taking a moment to think about the situation, she realized for the first time that the figure she had followed had not been a solid form and that she could see through it. Only after talking to her friend did she realize she was seeing a ghost because she had believed she was following him through the apartment. Although she could only see the apparition from the back, she could see that they had shoulder-length hair and were wearing a nightgown.

After that night she never saw the apparition again, but she was reminded of the presence frequently by footfalls in her bedroom at night, right next to her head.

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