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Buried Alive ParanormaL Productions Special Feature

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Explore the Importance of Sharing Evidence from a Paranormal Investigation Group Located in Omaha

Buried Alive Paranormal Productions is a paranormal investigation group located in Omaha, Nebraska. Members Christie Williams and Jeremy Kurland began the group in 2016 because of their mutual love and interest in the paranormal field. They travel all over the United States investigating haunted locations in order to share their mission of finding and showing “irrefutable proof of the paranormal and to consistently maintain a reputation” that they “are honest and truthful.”

At a young age, Jeremy saw the apparition of a young boy, which ignited his interest in documenting evidence of other hauntings. Christie has a degree in film production, which she has utilized by following her interest in the paranormal. She loves the mystery involved in investigating. Her favorite part is learning and searching for proof of the paranormal.

Buried Alive Paranormal Productions posts episodes of their investigations. Each episode includes a guest who serves as an outside perspective to help ensure that all of the evidence presented is real. They pick guests with varying degrees of belief in the paranormal from extreme skeptics to complete believers to provide a wide range of views. Christie said, “We set ourselves apart by doing the best we can to prove that any evidence we put out is 100% real.” They allow the guest to analyze all evidence collected. “By allowing this they can see first hand that what we do is not faked, it has been a life changing experience for some of your guests,” she said. As a team they have investigated in several states, but all of their current episodes are from haunted locations in Iowa. They are in post-production for an episode filmed at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Some of the other notable locations they have investigated include St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida, Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Illinois, and Bobby Mackey’s in Kentucky.

Christie has been seriously investigating the paranormal for three years and Jeremy has been investigating for most of his life. They most frequently use their night vision cameras and an EVP recorder. They rely most heavily on these two pieces of equipment, but also use many others including invented equipment supplied to them by a friend. Their friend recently completed a doll with built-in motion sensors. The doll has the ability to move its head in the direction of any motion detected and says, “I see you!” The doll is also equipped with the ability to measure temperature changes, electromagnetic fields, and has a recording device. Although they don’t typically use much equipment during investigations they do enjoy using an SLS camera. One of their favorite pieces of evidence was caught on the SLS of what appears to be a little boy swinging his legs while sitting in a chair. If you would like to check out this piece of evidence you can do so on their YouTube channel.

Over the years, they have discovered that finding locations to investigate in Nebraska can be difficult. They recently purchased a building in Wymore, Nebraska to allow for tours and overnights in the hopes that they can start getting more people involved. Christie came across the building while photographing abandoned places in Wymore. Before deciding on the building they chose, they were offered the opportunity to spend several nights there before making a commitment to the sale. After discovering copious amounts of paranormal activity, they purchased the property. While staying overnight in the building, they heard walking in the apartments upstairs, singing, and talking. The town of Wymore has a rich and daunting history, which includes the Mafia, the KKK, orphan trains, and possible mob connections. The building that Buried Alive Paranormal Productions recently purchased was owned by a man who was in charge of the money that went into and out of the town. Once the building is renovated, they plan to provide ghost tours, history tours, and overnights. “Wymore is a town that deserves to be remembered,” Christie said.

They are currently raising money to renovate the building in Wymore. They are offering raffle prizes for specific donation levels. All of this information can be found on their GoFundMe page at:

Buried Alive Paranormal Productions conduct paranormal investigations by request. They have an office in Omaha, Nebraska and can reached at (402) 830-2386.

They also have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and a YouTube channel. All of these accounts can be found under Buried Alive Paranormal Productions.

They do not charge for investigations, but they do charge for episodes. A great deal of work and time go into making their episodes and the proceeds collected from these allow them to keep sharing their investigations and work with others.

They will also have a booth at Haunticon in Omaha on March 23, 2019

“We want people to know that we really do our best and go to great lengths to show everything we put out is truthful and legitimate. Jeremy and I work very hard at what we do and we don’t settle for just anything. We know what’s out there and we want others to have the opportunity to experience it themselves.”

Photo Credit: All images and videos are courtesy of Buried Alive Paranormal Productions

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