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Creepymidwest Special Feature

Delve into the creepier side of the midwest through the eyes of a paranormal investigation duo based in Omaha, Nebraska

Ariel and Nicole of Creepymidwest set aside some time to answer some questions about what they do and how you can support them. They are paranormal investigators and social media personalities located in Omaha, Nebraska who started Creepymidwest after discussing the idea one evening. Both have been friends since middle school and share a love for the paranormal. “We were sitting at Ariel's house and just talking about how it would be cool to start a paranormal group and then we did. We opened our Instagram account and then got in the car to take photos of the Portal School House. We weren't expecting to go anywhere with the page and we’ve just continued to grow. We are super humbled by how many people support and follow us,” Nicole said. “It is truly amazing.”

Ariel is a full-time esthetician and Nicole is a full-time graphic designer, but in their free time they enjoy exploring haunted locations, where they take pictures, collect information, and share what they discover with others. What sets them apart from other paranormal groups is that they like to post on social media daily and share live videos of investigations. At this point, they have only been actively investigating the paranormal for a little under a year, but their social media accounts, especially Instagram, exhibits continuous growth with a following that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The equipment they use most frequently on paranormal investigations includes the Huff Portal Plus, Spiritus App, EMF detector, and Spirit Seeker. Although they bring along multiple pieces of equipment, they love a “plain old voice recorder” the most. They said, “You can get some really great evidence without spending hundreds of dollars." When asked if they had any particular piece of evidence they have captured that they would like to share, they explained that they recently had an interesting experience, “We had some really cool EMF spikes in one of the rooms that was just in one area and then would go away. There was no explanation as to why the detector was going off.”

Their favorite haunted location they have visited so far in Nebraska is Mayhew Cabin/John Brown’s Cave in Nebraska City. They didn’t experience anything paranormal during their visit, but they did feel "crazy vibes" throughout the entire place. They said the history alone was worth the trip. When asked if they have a particular haunted location on their list to visit in Nebraska, they said there are a lot, but they would especially love to check out the multiple locations that are reported to be haunted in Lincoln. Although Lincoln tops their list, they explained that their favorite ghost stories from Nebraska are Seven Sisters Road or the story of the Portal School House because, “They are both so crazy and scary.”

Creepymidwest shares photos, information, videos, and more on their social media accounts on a daily basis. Their photos are all in black and white and feature haunted locations around the midwest. The creepy nature of the information they share will send a chill up your spine and make you want to seek out the other content they have.

If you would like to show your support for Creepymidwest you can visit them at these upcoming events where they will be selling photo prints and merchandise:

The Omaha Oddities and Art Expo on October 20-21, 2018

The Malvern Manor for the Steve Gonsalves VIP event on February 9, 2019

Haunticon Omaha on March 23, 2019

Follow Creepymidwest at:

If you would like to purchase merchandise or prints from their investigations you can do so at their Etsy shop:

“Our mission really is to just share the paranormal with the world. We want to showcase all things creepy and haunted.”

Photo Credit: All images on this post are courtesy of Ariel and Nicole of Creepymidwest

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