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Ferguson House Tour

Ferguson House Tour Guided by Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest

On Friday August 3rd, 2018 we went on a guided tour through the Ferguson house in Lincoln, Nebraska hosted by Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest.

We started off the tour in the sitting area near the fireplace where Mark Brohman provided an overview of what to expect and an extensive history on the Ferguson family and the house. We then made our way through the house, starting with the ballroom on the third floor. After that we went down to the second floor where the Ferguson’s sons room were, then down to the main level where the kitchen, dining room, and library were before heading down into the basement where Mr. Ferguson had his office. As we made our way through each room, Mark continued to share the history along with a few of the ghost stories associated with particular areas of the house. The kitchen was interesting because the original icebox is still in the wall. The dining room still has some of the original silk wallpaper, the basement contains an original laundry press, and the ballroom still has some of the flower-shaped decorations around the light bulbs. After going through the house, we made our way out to the carriage house in the back of the property. A butler occupied the carriage house for many years. The top level had two rooms, both used by the butler and a third room was used as a kitchen. Today the entire building has been stripped of any remnants of previous use as a residence and the walls and ceiling are falling into disarray. A neat feature was a sliding door that opened up to the south side of the property.

Photo Credit: Ashton Juarez

After Mark guided us around, Ronni took over. While standing outside of the carriage house she passed out dosing rods for each of us to use in order to ask "yes" or "no" questions to attempt to receive a response from any spirits. Ronni also provided information about paranormal investigation techniques and equipment and shared a brief explanation of types of hauntings. After completing her introduction, she took us back down to the basement where we conducted a mini-paranormal investigation. We shut off the lights, set up a voice recorder and a ghost meter (which detects electromagnetic fields) and asked various questions to attempt to receive a response.

Myrtle and William Ferguson

William and Myrtle Ferguson had the house built between 1909 and 1911. The entire house was made of poured concrete and steel beams. The final cost of the house was around 38,000 dollars, which, in comparison to the average cost of a house during that time period, was a significant amount. William Ferguson had moved to Nebraska from Illinois and brought winter wheat and alfalfa that he planted and was successful in producing farms all over the state. He continued to purchase several successful businesses throughout his life. He died in 1937. Myrtle remained in the house until her death in 1972 at the age of 103. The State of Nebraska had purchased the house in 1961, allowing Myrtle to remain in the residence under a life estate agreement. The home currently houses several different offices.

Carriage House Photo Credit: Ashton Juarez

The Ferguson house is said to be haunted by multiple apparitions. People have seen full- bodied apparitions, heard disembodied voices, creaks in the floor, footsteps, and doors slamming. If you are looking for a tour indoors this one is for you. The combination of history and ghost stories was incredible. Walking through the house provided the opportunity to see the stunning architecture and design of one of the oldest homes in Lincoln. Mark and Ronni shared an abundance of information and tales that will excite anyone who is searching for elements related to the creepier side of Nebraska and historical background to some of the most prominent and influential people of the city. I recommend that whether you’re a paranormal lover, history lover, or both, take the tour, you won’t regret it.

Tickets for tours can be purchased on the Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest website.

Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest also offers Downtown Lincoln Walking Ghost Tours and ghost tours at James Arthur Vineyards as well.

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The Ferguson house is not open for daily tours, but the first floor can be rented for special events.

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