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Ghost Hunt Monthly Subscription Box Review

Through the Ghost Hunt monthly subscription box a new paranormal investigation is shipped directly to your door each month. By using the contents of the box, you can conduct a paranormal investigation at home to attempt to uncover who is haunting the location provided.

The first box shipped was the Winchester Mystery House. The contents of the box included a newspaper with multiple articles related to the house, the servants and staff who worked in the house, and information related to paranormal investigations and equipment. The box also had photographs, hand-written letters, an obituary, newspaper clippings and a paranormal investigation report, which included detailed notes and two photographs taken of ghostly apparitions. Other non-paper items in the box included a cross necklace, candle, and a Ghost Hunt pen. By using all of these items, an investigation to discover the ghost haunting the property can be conducted.

Each month the Ghost Hunt team shares an investigation of a new location and each box contains new items to assist in unraveling the mystery of the haunting. According to the Ghost Hunt website, the team travels to the location, collects historical information and conducts a paranormal investigation. Once all material is compiled and all evidence has been reviewed, the Ghost Hunt team shares their findings with you.

The Winchester Mystery House box was full of beautiful photos, but the newspaper was my favorite item. The articles and layout looked incredibly realistic and I enjoyed reading through the clues as if I were sitting down on a Sunday to simply read the paper. I was surprised to find so many different pieces of evidence in the box because this was the first box of this genre delivered by the company. I was impressed by the little details and superb printing quality. I also enjoyed receiving other tangible items along with the paper documents.

After sitting down to start the investigation, I started with the "Stare Here" pamphlet, which provided a little background of what to expect and some clues for where to begin. Going through each item was fun. I took notes as I went along (with the pen provided) and immersed myself in the whole experience. At points, I felt as if I were a part of the team, paying close attention to clues and evidence after an investigation had been completed. Although I went through the box alone, the investigation could be done with a team of friends, where everyone could compare notes and theories.

Unfortunately the mystery wasn’t actually that difficult to solve, so I am crossing my fingers that later boxes will take much longer to figure out. I wanted to have to spend several days uncovering the mystery, but the information presented allowed for a pretty simple reveal. I also wanted more from the paranormal investigation notes. The Ghost Hunt team was able to record an EVP, but they did not uncover what was said. I understand that this is essentially a game, but added voice recordings or even answers provided during spirit box sessions would have been interesting as an added element to their findings. I did, however, love this box. I have subscribed to other horror and mystery boxes and this one is by far my favorite. I like that it is only one box so that I don’t have to wait and pay for six months of boxes just to get to the end. I found myself getting bored of other monthly subscription boxes in the past and the cost in order to figure out the mystery was much too high. With the Ghost Hunt box I was able to get through the investigation and now I can move on to a whole new investigation next month!

Subscribers can chose between a month-to-month or a three-month pre-paid subscription.

Month-to-month costs $29.99 plus shipping

Three-month pre-paid costs $88.99 plus shipping

For more information check out:

Also, check out their Facebook page to discover which haunting will be shipped to your door next month at:

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*I am not affiliated with the Mystery Experiences Company or the Ghost Hunt monthly subscription box. This review is for entertainment purposes only and I own no rights to the material in the box. The copyright for the box and contents of the box belong to Mystery Experiences Company - Ghost Hunt. The photos on this page are my own photos and do not include any spoilers for the actual information provided on the items in the box. *


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