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Haunted Church

Paranormal Investigation, Tour, and Interview at a Church in Lincoln, Nebraska

Photo Credit: Ashton Juarez

On Thursday August 16, 2018 we visited a church in Lincoln, Nebraska to participate in a mini-paranormal investigation, take a tour, and conduct an interview. We met up with five other people who shared their paranormal experiences that have occurred within the church and other locations in and around Lincoln. We started off the night by conversing in a conference room. Each person shared their stories, some of which involved full-bodied apparitions, disembodied voices and sounds, and evidence recorded through individual paranormal investigations.

According to some of the church staff and volunteers, multiple paranormal occurrences have taken place within the building. One staff member said that he came into the building one afternoon and heard a great deal of noise coming from the upper levels as if people were working. When he asked others about the noises, they believed it to simply be a result of the church settling, but as time went on he realized that the noises continued and other paranormal experiences continued happening that he couldn’t explain. Another staff member frequently saw a black shadow in the shape of a man who walked down the west aisle of the sanctuary. Every time he would look toward the figure it would disappear. The experience continued to occur for months, until one day, the black shadow came up the aisle and the staff member was able to look at it for a few seconds before it finally disappeared. He has never seen the figure since. Two other figures have also been seen, one was was sitting in a chair before disappearing along with the chair and another was seen sitting in one of the front pews after footsteps were heard in that direction before disappearing into thin air. Others have heard voices, whistling, footsteps, and the sound of organ music when no one is playing.

After chatting, we made our way through the church, starting with the oldest part of the building, which was constructed in the late 1800s. As we walked through the building, the people with us shared the history of the church and how it has changed over time. We started off in the original sanctuary. An interesting feature of this particular room is that the original doors to the church are directly behind the altar and can be viewed outside. Right away, we were able to pick up two stick figures situated between the first two pews on the SLS camera. SLS stands for structured light sensor and is a scanning camera that captures and detects human shapes, objects, and according to supporters of the device, spirits in darkness and in the light. The camera uses ultrasonic distance detection, thermal temperature sensing, and light frequency sensing. When a person passes in front of the camera, the body is outlined with a stick figure, pinpointing all movable areas of the body with dots. According to supporters of the device, apparitions can also be picked up and appear as stick figures with no physical body shape outline. The figures can be seen moving on the camera even though they cannot be seen with the naked eye. The figures we captured on the SLS seemed to be sitting near each other, interacting, and moving around the same general area.

After spending a few minutes in the sanctuary, we made our way down a hallway and into a large room that was previously used as a basketball and volleyball court. We captured another figure in this room on the SLS who lifted up its arms when asked to show off its basketball moves. After this, we went upstairs. In the hallway upstairs, the temperature seemed to be much cooler although we were on the upper floor. The archives room was an area where several people felt the hair stand-up on their bodies and sensed an ominous presence. One person said they felt cobwebs on their legs all the way through the hallway after we passed the archives room and they also felt a heavy weight on their chest. Upon returning to the main level, we investigated the main sanctuary that was added to the building in the 1960s. Near the back of the room, on a desk, we picked up a stick figure on the SLS that appeared to be sitting on the desk near a plant. Although we had flashlights set up throughout the room, we unfortunately could not get any spirits to turn them on.

Throughout the investigation I used my recording device in an attempt to pick up any voices or EVP’s, but unfortunately could not detect any after listening later. However, we were not focusing on recordings during our time in the church, as we were moving around frequently and talking normally, so in other circumstances, such as sitting down without speaking for longer periods of time, we may have been able to pick up voices. This particular time, we focused more on touring the building, sharing stories, learning the basics of using paranormal equipment, and learning about the history of the church. We plan to do investigations in the future that would allow for better recording of evidence.

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