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Heartland Paranormal

Lessening fear of the otherworldly through education.

Heartland Paranormal is a paranormal investigation team located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Founder and Lead Investigator Jason Faust has been active in the field for nearly 5 years and has been researching the subject of the paranormal for most of his life. Through expertise gained from experience and determination to uncover the truth, Jason has committed a great deal of his time to finding answers to questions that have remained ambiguous of centuries.

By focusing on the existence of otherworldly occurrences, Heartland Paranormal follows a mission to “lessen the fear in this field by raising an understanding of what's out there and why things happen as they do.” History and research are integral elements to their investigation process. Jason conducts extensive research on each location to enhance his ability to interpret each individual case and to provide information to others in an accurate and academic format. By placing the cause of the ghostly experiences and events at the forefront, they utilize the past, especially documented and oral evidence to strengthen their findings. Heartland Paranormal does not set out to prove the paranormal exists because they accept the notion that believers are created through personal experience. By spreading knowledge related to the paranormal, people have the ability to gain a greater understanding, which will in turn lessen the stigma of fear associated with the paranormal.

Over the years, Jason has visited several haunted locations including but not limited to the Villisca Ax Murder House, Farrar Schoolhouse, Jesse James birthplace, the Alex Johnson Hotel, the Franklin Hotel, the Bullock Hotel, and the Sallie House. By conducting paranormal investigations at various places all over the country, Heartland Paranormal follows their mission to spread awareness and education. Having a vast understanding of locations in different parts of the United States and the history associated with them only adds to the knowledge the team is able to share.

Heartland Paranormal loves to keep their investigations and their equipment simply. They mainly rely on a REM pod, digital recorders, K2, and a camera to record and discover evidence. When asked what Jason’s favorite piece of equipment was, he simply stated, “Myself and my camera.” With less equipment, the chance for interference and false positives is kept to a minimum.

Unlike most paranormal investigation teams, Heartland Paranormal does not share their evidence. Jason said, “I personally do not publicize my evidence. I have nothing to prove to anyone and I am not trying to covert anyone either.” Conducting paranormal investigations is personal to him and doing so should be personal to whoever is conducting their own investigations. By uncovering evidence related to the paranormal, each individual has his or her own interpretation of events. Personal belief stands out as the most important truth. In addition, Jason believes that demonic and malevolent entities exist, but since the first introduction of ghost hunting shows added to mainstream television and movies geared toward ghostly encounters, Hollywood has blown the reality of such situations out of proportion. He chooses to watch as few paranormal shows as possible and believes that shows such as Ghost Adventures fabricate evidence in order to receive a higher number of viewers. He also does not like the way in which these shows exhibit a lack of caring and provide little to no closure.

Heartland Paranormal prides itself as a collaborative and community based team. Jason believes that if you interact with the group, you are essentially a part of the group on some level. They thrive on the synergy of teamwork from a number of team members that are utilized based on various perspectives and skills sets. Jason started Heartland Paranormal because he wanted to create something different that was not like other “cookie cutter” type teams with no real goal or purpose other than thrill seeking. The fact that television has sensationalized the negatives is a mission all on its own for Heartland Paranormal to tackle and turn around.

Heartland Paranormal will be hosting ghost tours through Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln in October. For dates and times, go to their Facebook page of details. They also meet for a paranormal discussion forum at Gere Library in Lincoln each month.

“By educating people, I strive for a better understanding, less misconceptions and a more realistic grasp of what's out there.”

If you would like to set up a personal consultation over the phone with Jason or if you would like to have your personal business investigated you can contact him by email at or by phone at (402) 432-7781.

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*Haunted Nebraska does not support trespassing in order to visit haunted locations. Before visiting, ensure that permission and/or permits are received in order to avoid destruction of property, trespassing on privately owned land, or altering landmarks. The above mentioned offenses are punishable by law and help to ensure the preservation of these places. Check the hours of operation, city and county regulations, and rules before visiting.*

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