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Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest Walking Ghost Tour

A tour of downtown Lincoln that will haunt you

On June 9, 2018, Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest hosted a walking ghost tour through downtown Lincoln, Nebraska guided by Ronni. I had the opportunity to speak with Ronni on the phone before the tour. I was greeted with some great information about the history of the tours, which she began in 2014 through another company based in Oregon before switching over to starting her own business in 2015. Her passion for the paranormal and history of Lincoln was obvious throughout the conversation and speaking with her made me even more excited about the tour.

The Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest Walking tour was very different than the walking ghost tour I went on conducted by Mark Pomajzl on Friday, May 13, 2018 (check out my blog post here: Lincoln Walking Ghost Tour). Both tours took place in downtown Lincoln and both included a few of the same spots, but what set Ronni’s tour apart was the information and the proximity of the locations. Throughout the tour, Ronni shared ghost stories and experiences, history, and information about hauntings, science, and ghost hunting. She also brought along gear used by paranormal investigators that she showed us how to use at each stop. She kept the tour contained to a specific area, in which she referred to as "sacred ground" on account of the significance of the places in relation to the history of Lincoln.

We started the night off at the Nebraska State Capitol. Right away, Ronni guided use through the various types of haunts, gave a tutorial on how certain equipment is used during paranormal investigations, and actually used an Electromagnetic Field detector (EMF), voice recorder, spirit box, and dowsing rods. Along with the abundance of information provided about investigating the paranormal, Ronni explained the ghost stories and history associated with each location.

I won’t give away the other locations because we only visited a few, but I will say that although we didn’t go to as many locations as we did with Pomajzl’s tour, the experience and knowledge provided went well beyond my expectations. I enjoyed the fact that we spent more time at each location, instead of just hearing a few bits of information before moving on. I also loved that we actually did EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) sessions and were able to try to attempt to communicate with the spirits said to haunt each location. The opportunity to get involved made the trip that much more interesting and fun.

I know a great deal about the haunted locations in Lincoln and I also know a great deal about the history. I appreciated the knowledge and passion Ronni shared throughout the tour. She knew her stuff and I respect that. I recommend that whether you’re a paranormal lover, history lover, or both, take the tour, you won’t regret it.

The tour ran for about 2 hours and was conducted outside. The walking tours do not provide access into the locations, but Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest does provide a few other options if you are more interested in indoors tours. I would recommend wearing reasonable shoes and depending on the weather, a backpack stocked with bottled water or a jacket because Nebraska likes to keep us guessing with the weather. We only covered a few blocks, so if you are interested in a longer tour time with less walking, this would be the one to chose. Although I would recommend trying out Pomajzl's tour as well, I found this tour to be jam-packed with specific information in comparison. If you are looking for multiple stops with less history and briefer ghost stories through multiple parts of downtown Lincoln, you might want to check out the other tour first. However, I highly recommend taking the Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest tour once you have taken Pomajzl's tour because the extra added details make Ronni's tour that much more enjoyable.

Tickets for tours can be purchased on their website. Walking tours cost $10 per person.

Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest has also offered a ghost tour of the Ferguson House and James Arthur Vineyards in the past and plan to conduct more tours of these locations in the future.

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Check out Lincoln Historical Ghost Quest on their website at:

Check out my blog post for Mark Pomajzl’s Walking Ghost Tour here:

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