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Ghost Tour Through Prospect Hill Cemetery in Omaha, Nebraska

Prospect Hill Cemetery at sunset Photo Credit Ashton Juarez

On June 16, 2018 Midwest Paranormal History Tours hosted a walking ghost tour guided by Jamie through Prospect Hill Cemetery in Omaha, Nebraska. One of the features that I loved about his particular tour was the fact that the location is kept secret until after purchasing a ticket. I received an email a day before the tour that still only included the address. So, not only did I not know where we were going when I first bought tickets, I also had to go on a scavenger hunt by searching the address to uncover the cemetery we would be going to. This might seem like a lot, but I really enjoyed going through the process and being surprised.

We met Jamie, the owner and only tour guide for Midwest Paranormal History Tours, at the Prospect Hill Cemetery entrance and began the tour about two hours before sunset. Right away we were greeted with a huge smile and a few jokes to lighten the mood. Jamie let us know that she is a history major, who enjoys learning and sharing the macabre history of Omaha. She started the tour off with the history of the cemetery and background about some of the most notable people from Omaha who were buried all around us. As we made our way through the cemetery, Jamie continued to intertwine historical events associated with the people buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery and the impact these people had on the creation and development of Omaha.

Prospect Hill Cemetery is the oldest burial ground in Omaha and is the resting place for over 15,000 people whose stories and legacy are integral to the history of the city.

About 20 minutes into the tour, Jamie began sharing the paranormal experiences people have had while in the cemetery, the evidence she has found through investigations, and some of the ghost stories from past tours, folklore, and some of her own encounters with particular spirits and sensations she has experienced while in the cemetery.

I really enjoyed this tour because of the location and the vast knowledge Jamie had about the history and ghost stories associated with the cemetery. Jamie was really fun and encouraged questions and made sure to leave some time at the end of the tour to allow us to explore on our own before darkness enveloped the grounds. By allowing us to go around on our own we were able to ask more questions and to take a bunch of pictures, one of which happens to have an odd shadow streak across the image that doesn’t appear in any of the other photos. We also captured a photo with an odd green orb shaped light, which we found out was also captured by another tour participant around the same area. The best part of the tour was the vast array of ghost stories that were shared while walking amongst the people they were being told about.

The tour ran for about an hour and a half and took place in Prospect Hill Cemetery, but Midwest Paranormal History Tours offers a number of other tour options that range in length and location.

The following are some of the other tours offered on their website:

Squachin’ 101 Tour

Sinister Sarpy Tour

Hummel Park Tour

Old Omaha Extended Tour

Single Location and Double Location Tours

Tour prices range from $10 to $20.

Tickets are non-refundable unless the tour is canceled by the guide due to weather.

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Call or Text Jamie for more information at:

(402) 953-9670

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