• Tayden Bundy

My Brother was Afraid of the Dark

Personal Ghost Stories from Nebraska Series

Several years ago, my older brother moved in with us after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. After only two months, he suddenly died. My mother found him in the morning in his bed. The room had previously been his bedroom when we were growing up, so some of the things from his childhood were still in the room including his bed. We were so distraught by his passing that we left the room untouched for several weeks before finally going in to move things back to where they used to be. When he moved in we had to move the bed to the center of the room to be able to access him from all sides to take care of him. After we moved the furniture back to their original spots, something crazy started happening.

The lamp in his room started flickering on and off by itself and then would just stay on. We would turn the light off and walk past the room later to find it back on. When my brother first came to live with us, he insisted on having the light on during all hours of the day and night. He said the darkness scared him.

I decided to humor myself one day and took pictures of the room. When I looked through them, the area around the lamp was always blurry. I took pictures throughout the rest of the house to be sure that it wasn’t something wrong with my camera and found that the only place the anomaly occurred was near the lamp. In another photo my father was standing in the room and a shadow that resembled my brother in size and outline was a few feet behind him. I think my brother remained in that room. I think he stayed behind because of how suddenly he had to leave us.

No one has ever slept in the room since. My mother got rid of the lamp at a garage sale. I hope the person who bought it didn’t have the same experiences we had because ever since she sold it, we haven’t had any other odd occurrences in the house.

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