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Occupied Office Space

Personal Ghost Stories from Nebraska Series

The building I worked in used to be the hospital/medically fragile unit of the facility. It now houses the administration, clinic, and offices for various clinical staff. The building still looks hospital-y and is fairly creepy at night. There’s also a very creepy basement. There are some offices and conference rooms down there, but most of it is unused. One of the unused spaces is actually a morgue, with the autopsy table and refrigerated drawers. It’s usually locked but I’ve been in there and it’s still fully functional.

My office was on the 2nd floor and was converted from what used to be a living unit. When I moved into my office, the two previous occupants warned me that it was haunted. According to them, a resident had passed away in the room back in the 90s. They never shared why they thought the office was haunted, but when we laughed, they said they weren’t kidding about the haunting.

I mostly noticed things when I was there later in the evenings, when everyone else was gone and it was quiet. On several occasions, when I am absolutely certain I was the only person on the floor, I would hear desk drawers opening and slamming next door in my boss’s office. I would go next door to see if my boss had come back to work, because she lived nearby, but no one was ever there. Once, as I was leaving, the lights were all on in my boss’s office, which never happened, and I had walked past her office previously that evening to go to the bathroom, and the lights weren’t on then. And most of the hall lights were off, so I would have noticed if they were on after my boss left for the day.

Also, my boss told me about at least 2 times when she was working late and I was gone, when she was walking by my door to go to the copier, and the door to my office opened by itself as she was walking past. There’s no way for this to accidentally happen, as the door was set in a way that if it weren’t completely latched shut it would swing open. I always close it when I leave, and it was closed until my boss walked past, and it wouldn’t have stayed closed when I left if it wasn’t latched. My boss said she got the shivers and decided to go home right away after each incident. And even if it wasn’t latched and stayed closed somehow, it’s weird that it would swing open when someone is walking by more than once.

Sometimes I think I heard things during the day too, because I would hear noises from my boss’s office. I would be waiting for her to return from a meeting to ask something, so I’d hear drawers opening and slamming, and other noises, but when I’d go to talk to her thinking the noise meant she was back, no one would be there. I mostly chalked it up to having heard a noise from a different office, but right before I moved to a different job, people had been moved around and no one was using the offices on the other side of my boss’s office, but I would still hear noises from that direction when no one was there. And my boss had an old wooden desk (as opposed to the metal cubicle desks that were in my office and the other office mine shared a wall with) so her drawers made a distinct noise.

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