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Paranormal Investigation of Mayhew Cabin

Each year Paranormal Research and Investigation Nebraska Team hosts an event at Mayhew Cabin in Nebraska City, Nebraska. The event took place on October 13th and 20th this year. On both nights P.R.I.N.T. discussed how paranormal equipment is used, gave a tour of the grounds, and hosted a paranormal investigation involving the guests. I also discussed and sold my book Beyond Lincoln: A History of Nebraska Hauntings.

The night started off with a discussion of how the equipment works, what types of equipment they use most frequently, and what to expect during the paranormal investigation of Mayhew Cabin and the other buildings on the property. Director of Mayhew Cabin, Bill Hayes, also provided a brief overview of the history of the cabin, cave, and the rest of the property.

(If you would like to learn about the history of Mayhew Cabin please check out my blog post:

Once we were bundled up and had our paranormal investigation equipment on-hand, we split up into groups to cover different areas. My group started off in the church located in the far corner of the grounds. The church was originally constructed in another part of Nebraska City, but was moved to the site of Mayhew Cabin to save the structure. While inside, we set up multiple EMF detectors, an Ovlius III, a voice recorder, temperature scanner, and a laser grid. We conducted a session of questions by using a flashlight. A common theory among paranormal investigators is that entities can manipulate objects to communicate. When a flashlight is used, the piece near the light beam/light bulb is unscrewed until it can be tapped off and on. We asked several questions about the church and the people who once used the church in order to receive responses by having the entity turn on and off the light. In addition to receiving some responses during the flashlight session, we were also able to get some hits on the EMF meter and several words were received on the Ovilus III.

Inside the cabin we started on the top floor. Right away on the spirit box we were able to communicate with what we believed was a small child. We were able to get several responses including the word “leave,” which from our questions, we believed was from the need for the children to go to bed because it was late. After being upstairs for a while, we made our way downstairs to the main level of the cabin. On this level, a medium picked up a strong presence of a child in the room. Several guests on the investigation felt as if someone was pressing against their back. I had my voice reorder on during our time on the main level. After analyzing the voice recordings I picked up a distinct EVP.

(You will be able to listen to this recording on the paranormal investigation page under Mayhew Cabin)

The cave was our last stop. While inside the cave, we remained in the main cellar area.

We set up all of our equipment and did receive some hits on the EMF meter, but could not get any clear responses to questions. One of the guests on the investigation left the cave because she felt an overwhelming need to leave. She felt as if someone was forcing her out.

Throughout the course of the paranormal investigation of Mayhew Cabin we believe we were able to communicate with multiple entities through several pieces of equipment. The heavy feeling in the air was present for several guests, but no one was harmed. The feeling can most likely be attributed to sadness linked to the history of the cabin and is mostly not hostile in nature.

P.R.I.N.T. will host another event next year. Keep up to date on dates and times on their Facbeook page at:

Check out Beyond Lincoln: A History of Nebraska Hauntings at:

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