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Paranormal Investigation of Telephone Building

On February 22, 2019 we conducted the first known paranormal investigation of the Telephone Building (now Francie and Finch Bookshop) in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. I, Tayden Bundy, author of Beyond Lincoln: A History of Nebraska Hauntings and the Paranormal Research and Investigation Nebraska Team hosted the event. Tickets were sold to 15 guests to accompany the team on the investigation, to learn about paranormal investigating equipment, and to share ghost stories. I also sold copies of my book at the end of the night.

According to the Nebraska State Historical Society, the Nebraska Telephone Company Building was designed in 1894 by Thomas Rogers Kimball of the Walker and Kimball architectural firm. Finished in 1896, the building is considered the first telephone exchange in Lincoln to provide a location to accommodate the abundance of telephone equipment needed to provide communications throughout eastern Nebraska. The building is three-stories tall and is described as Renaissance Revival style architecture. Over the years, the building has housed multiple businesses including a restaurant and is now a bookstore called Francie and Finch.

We started off the night by speaking to the guests. I talked about my book and P.R.I.N.T. shared their equipment and some of their most memorable experiences on investigations. P.R.I.N.T. discussed personal stories related to investigations at the Villisca Axe Murder House, in a cemetery, and other areas in and around Lincoln. P.R.I.N.T. brought along multiple pieces of equipment in order to allow the guests to see and learn about what is used.

After speaking to the guests, we began our investigation. We split up into two groups, one group went down into the basement and the other stayed on the first floor. The group I was in started downstairs with the spirit box, EMF detectors, a camera, and a temperature gauge. While in the basement, we did receive some responses on the spirit box and a few spikes on the EMF, but we could not obtain any clear responses to questions.

While on the main level we received much clearer responses on the spirit box. Several times we heard answers to questions, such as names of individuals and ages, but not much else. Two refinished chairs in the bookshop were actually used by the original telephone company workers on the third floor. The chairs were donated to the bookstore owner to have in the shop. Once we discovered this information, we placed an EMF detector on one of the chairs and frequently received spikes on the device. Many

investigators believe that objects can hold residual energy connected to spirits.

Although we did not obtain any major evidence during our investigation we look forward to investigating again. One guest felt odd after going home, explaining that she was having back pains. Once she was asked to recite a prayer and to ask any spirits that may have followed her home to leave, she explained that the pain went away. Of course there could be multiple reasons why this occurred, but for now we will have to see if we can find more definitive answers in the future.

Many investigations occur without much in regard to paranormal activity. Over time, however, a place can become more active once a team has gone through. I will keep you updated on any new information and share all that I can in the future.

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