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R.I.P. Paranormal Ventures Special Feature

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

The Research, Investigate, and Promote (R.I.P.) Paranormal Ventures team is a husband and wife duo based in Bellevue, Nebraska. Rick and Gina began investigating the paranormal about four years ago after discovering that a young girl had drown in their backyard several years before taking up residence in the home. They started off by going into the backyard one night to conduct a paranormal investigation in order to attempt to communicate with the spirit of the child. They went to the area they were told the death had occurred and used an EVP app on their phone. After asking for the name of the child, they received an immediate response of the name “Mateo.” At the time, they didn’t think much of the response. Years later, after speaking with their neighbor, they discovered new information that led to another investigation. The neighbor informed them the child that had drowned was in fact a boy and not a girl like they had heard in the past. After asking if the neighbor knew the name of the child she said, “Yes, his name was Mateo.” Discovering this new information provided a realization that they had made assumptions based on what they had heard and allowed for further investigations to try to uncover the truth.

About a year later they decided to try again. Using a different app, they attempted to contact the child. They asked several questions and at first they only received vague answers. Originally there were four people in the backyard, but after one of them went into the house, one member of the team asked how many people were remaining in the backyard and they received an intelligent response of “four.” Thinking that the app was providing incorrect information, the app responded again in a whisper with the word “baby,” which they believe was pointing out the fact that one of the people in the group was pregnant. This would mean that the app was actually correct because one of the members was pregnant at the time. They ended the investigation after this response because the answer unnerved two of the participants. However, the response created an “epiphany” of sorts for the paranormal duo, “I realized that the first response of ‘four’ was actually an incredibly intelligent response. Had it been the wrong number it was still significant in that the question required a numeric response and we received one,” Rick said.

The backyard investigation lit a fire inside the duo to learn more. They watched every ghost hunting show they could get their hands on to learn more about the process of investigating the paranormal. After watching the shows, they decided to create their own ghost hunting equipment, “What we found is, we started really disliking them because of their technique (or lack thereof) and making assumptions. For example, they might have a REM pod and ask a question and it would go off. Their response might have been, ‘That means yes!’ All it really meant was the REM pod went off.” These observations allowed them to ask the question of how they could create more accurate equipment to be used during investigations. By trade, Rick is a software QA engineer, which requires asking a lot of questions that can be cross-referenced. By using his expertise related to his profession, Rick created their first device, a narrow beam infrared detector. When activated, a light illuminates and in front of the lights are the words “Yes” and “No.” Rick said, “With this simple device, you can start asking questions and cross reference them. For instance, one might ask, ‘Are you a man?’ If, for example, the ‘Yes’ lights, then the next logical question could be, ‘Are you a woman?’ That should light ‘No.’ Now you have the ability to validate a response.”

After discovering that he could not prove the validity of a great deal of the paranormal equipment currently offered to the public, he continued to create more devices. His next tool was a bit more complex and was a custom made design he created for Buried Alive Paranormal Productions. “It is an interactive doll that can basically conduct her own investigation,” Rick said. Equipped with multiple features including an array of motion sensors, a rotating head, voice activated responses of up to 50 investigative questions, recorder, color valued EMF detector, temperature gauge, and an independent Doppler sensor that detects a human presence within approximately 12 feet in a 360 degree radius with a light-up LED to eliminate human manipulation. Rick said, “The idea of using her is to put her in a room, put a camera on her and let her do her thing.” With all of these features, the doll can detect various fluctuations and movements in a room and is equipped to respond to them. If one of the sensors is activated, she will ask a question and then will wait 5 seconds in order to record a response. She can also ask specific questions based on the sensor that is activated, such as attempting to get a spirit to activate different lights on the EMF. If she receives a response, she will reply by saying, "Good job!" and then conduct a mini-EVP session.

R.I.P. Paranormal Ventures mission is represented in their name. They research, investigate, and promote paranormal research. During their investigations, Gina goes in blind and Rick conducts all the research about a location beforehand. By doing this, they can avoid false assumptions. If she begins to pick up on certain information about a location that is accurate, then Rick will finally reveal the information he obtained. Rick is a skeptic and Gina is an empath who can feel certain things while in a haunted location. Through this they can investigate objectively and allow for the investigation to progress without any pre-made assumptions about a location. When asked why they started R.I.P. Paranormal Ventures Rick said, “There are several reasons we started it. For one, we want a venue where we can share our results and offer them up for peer review. We also want to share how we do things and hopefully that will help inspire somebody else to come up with even better techniques. We also hope to offer credibility to the field by being straight upfront.”

R.I.P. Paranormal Ventures would love to take any requests for possible investigations. They will also be at Haunticon in Omaha on March 23, 2019. Be sure to check out their booth to see their innovative and original paranormal research equipment.

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“We want to encourage and promote the field of paranormal research as well as doing our own investigations.”

Photo Credit: All photos on this post are from R.I.P. Paranormal Ventures

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