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Roca Scary Farm Special Feature

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

On October 21, 2018, we were invited to check out the haunted attractions at Roca Scary Farm in Roca, Nebraska. Roca Scary Farm is the section of Roca Berry Farm that includes all of their nighttime haunted attractions. Roca Berry Farm started out as a small pumpkin and berry farm that has been in operation since 1980. Over time, the farm transformed into an attraction site with various games, pumpkin picking, thrills, and chills for all ages. They are currently the oldest and largest pumpkin patch located in Lancaster County.

We started off the night on the Psycho Path. Greg, who shared the background of the attraction, accompanied us. He stated that they spent over 1,000 hours constructing the Psycho Path since last Halloween season. He also mentioned that Roca Berry Farm has three generations of families who work there to create attractions, work as scarers, sell food, and assist in activities that keep the farm going. As we walked through, he explained how some of the areas were set up, the time put in to creating them, and talked with us about how, through the amazing talents of some of their staff, especially Kalob, they have managed to transform the area into a creepy and unsettling atmosphere with mechanized props and incredibly realistic scenery. The added live scarers throughout the walkway popped out from multiple corners, through hidden doorways, and even from areas near the ground that caught me off guard and provided an unexpected fright. The wooded area is creepy in the dark, but the flow of the path to each new scare moved in a way that will keep you on your toes or maybe off of them more than you might want to be.

Next, we headed over to the Haunted Hayrack ride. I was surprised to discover that there is a maze-like path that must be conquered before reaching the pick-up site. As we made our way through the twisting and turning wood-lined pathway I was creeped out by the quietness of it all. One of my biggest scares took place in this area and made me love it even more. When we finally reached the ride, we all sat in a large trailer before being slowly pulled through the dark and ominous countryside with no way to hide your back from hidden terror-seekers. Be prepared for noises and some unsettling imagery within particular scenes set up along with jump scares to die for.

After being dropped off after the Haunted Hayrack ride, we were off to the Sinister Circus. Clowns are some of the most feared characters these days and this twisted carnival walk-through will make you wish you never stepped right up. We were greeted in line by an amazingly sinister looking clown who likes to eat children and poke you with a cattle prod if you get out of line. Don’t take candy from the creepy guy in the mask waiting near the van or get caught up in the memorizing sounds of a band playing in the center of a cornfield.

Haunted Manor was our last stop on our trip though the haunts at Roca Scary Farm. We were greeted by Anna, who walked us through the manor and talked with us afterward about the true supernatural events going on after dark within the farms grounds. As we made our way through the two-story haunted house we were frightened by the eerie and ghoulish happenings within the walls of the old manor. There are all sorts of unorthodox methods of terror occurring within. We passed through the remnants of murder scenes, haunted hallways and stairways, and were gruesomely greeted with some frightening characters that seemed to want us to remain with them forever.

We had a blast at Roca Scary Farm and enjoyed the daylight hours before making our way through the haunts by checking out the other fun and less spooky attractions that are open during the day. We had a funnel cake, ate some amazing kettle corn, talked to a talented face painter, and enjoyed the fall weather in a family friendly atmosphere.

The last days to check out Roca Scary Farm are this weekend October 26, 27, and 28. Go check out their incredible haunts and let them know Haunted Nebraska sent you, but don’t blame us if you pee your pants, we hear that happens a lot.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff at Roca Scary Farm, especially Andy who reached out to us. I would also like to thank Greg and Anna for taking the time to show us around and answer our questions. The staff was incredibly accommodating. They took the time to answer our questions, walk us through attractions, and provided a much-needed smile amongst the creepy grins around every corner.

Location: 16531 S 38th St, Roca, NE 68430

Roca Scary Farm Hours of Operation:

Friday & Saturday, 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM, Gates close at 9:30 PM, but farm stays open until last guest has exited the frights attractions

Sunday, 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM (Oct. 14, 15, 21, 28), Gates close at 8:30 PM, but farm stays open until last guest has exited the frights attractions

Roca Berry Farm Hours of Operation:

Tickets for the Roca Scary Farm cost $23.50 and include access to the Psycho Path, Haunted Hayrack Ride, Sinister Circus, House of Illusions, and Haunted Manor

Also, during the daylight hours, check out Zombie Hunt on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM – 5 PM

This is the last weekend to check out the haunted attractions! Don't miss out!

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