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Three Haunted Bridges in Nebraska

Three Haunted Places in Nebraska Series

Bridges seem to represent a place between worlds. They connect and divide at the same time. Passing over can create a feeling of uneasiness, especially when looking down between planks to the depths below. Sometimes bridges produce noise, creaks, and moans as a result of the weight being placed on them or shift and sway as you make your way across. Some bridges are known for their frequent suicide rate, while others are branded in history as the place where vigilantes enacted justice as a means to take the law into their own hands. Bridges link us to other worlds. They allow us to quickly and easily cross streams, creeks, and rivers. They bring people together and when they are burned, they tear people apart. Some bridges are haunted by the tragedies committed upon them and sometimes those events from the past remain suspended in time.


Be sure to obtain permission before visiting these places. No one should ever trespass on land without going through proper channels to obtain access. Learning about the history, tales, and folklore of Nebraska, especially about the people who once walked across the same soil, can create a better understanding of ones community, local history, and the importance of the people who shaped their towns and cities. Please do not break the law and please do not disrespect the dead or the living that watch over or own the areas in this post.

Ghost Bridge of Logan Creek – Pender, Nebraska

In the early-1900s, a man was lynched by vigilantes after being caught trying to flee on a train. The man attempting to get away, had killed the family he worked for as a hired man. A mob led by another family member of those who had been murdered, along with several other men, strung a rope from the bridge where they managed to stop the train to exact their own form of justice. According to local tales, a ghost bridge will appear in the viewers peripheral vision as a dark smudge suspended over Logan Creek were the deed took place.

The truth, however, is that this event did occur, but was much different than the legend seems to suggest. The man who was lynched was actually on a train on the way to Pender, Nebraska after being arrested. He had attempted to rape the daughter of the man he worked for. When the parents discovered what was going on and confronted him, the hired man murdered both the father and mother and threw their lifeless bodies to the pigs. Vigilantes stopped the train in Bancroft, Nebraska before reaching Pender and that is where the man was hanged. But who knows, maybe the man chose to haunt the place where he was destined to go, but never ended up reaching the destination alive.

Darr Bridge – Darr, Nebraska

According to legend, a covered wagon fell off the bridge crashing into the river below, which resulted in the death of a woman and her baby boy who were on board at the time of the accident. Supposedly, the woman can be seen when traveling over the bridge during winter months at midnight when it is foggy. She only appears in the rearview mirror, however, either wandering around searching for her son or in the covered wagon in which she met her end.

Witches Bridge – Weeping Water, Nebraska

According to legend a witch hanged herself on the old wooden-planked bridge. Other versions of the story involve an elderly woman who was working along the tracks and was hit by a passing train. If you visit the bridge on an odd numbered night with an odd number of people and lean over to look down at the water below, you will see an image of yourself hanging with a noose around your neck. Be careful, however, because the witch has been known to reach up from the depths to pull unsuspecting victims into the icy waters of Weeping Water Creek.

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*Haunted Nebraska does not support trespassing in order to visit haunted locations. Before visiting, ensure that permission and/or permits are received in order to avoid destruction of property, trespassing on privately owned land, or altering landmarks. The above mentioned offenses are punishable by law and help to ensure the preservation of these places. Check the hours of operation, city and county regulations, and rules before visiting.*

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