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Three Haunted Buildings on University of Nebraska-Lincoln Campus

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Three Haunted Places in Nebraska Series

Neihardt Residence Hall

Multiple apparitions reportedly haunt Neihardt Residence Hall, but one young woman is more prominent than others. The hall was used in the 1930s and 40s as an infirmary during a polio outbreak. The rooms housed the sick and dying during this time period. One particular patient, a young woman who was suffering from polio preferred to have the curtains open in her room on the third floor in order to see outside because she was not allowed to go out. Today, when people leave the room with the curtains closed they will arrive back to find them open.

Another area for ghostly activity is the Raymond section of Neihardt. A Residence Life Services Supervisor has reported finding money stacked in a particular way on several occasions in the two safes located in the building. After leaving for the night, knowing that no one else will enter the area, the supervisor will find the money moved around in a particular manner in the morning. She stated that the entity moving the money favors stacking nickels in the safe of her office and dimes in the safe for Dining Services.

Other reports include the ghost of a young woman producing scarping sounds on the ceiling in the lounge and chairs have been reported to move across the floor. The sounds of guitar music can be heard in the basement when no instruments are present and the ghostly apparition of a young girl has been seen wandering around the courtyard.

Oldfather Hall

Oldfather Hall is reported to be haunted by a former professor of philosophy named Hardy Jones who jumped to his death from a 10th story window in 1983. Grief-stricken by a recent divorce, Jones was reportedly depressed by the loss of his wife and the possibility of losing his son as well. Overwhelmed by the changes in his life, Jones opened the window to his 10th story office and stepped up onto the ledge before plunging to his death.

Today, reports of a ghostly apparition jumping from a window can be seen. The figure falls until disappearing before hitting the ground below.

Pound Hall

Pound Hall is most notably known for an apparition of a student named Lucy who lived there during the 1960s. While living in the hall, Lucy reportedly used her desk chair to break the window of her fifth-floor room in order to jump to her death.

Recent students have reported seeing Lucy standing in the room, leaning forward over the area where her bed used to be and sitting at their desk. Other reports of Lucy’s ghost include seeing books floating across the room or falling off of shelves, electronics malfunctioning without reason, female students will wake up to sounds of crying near the window in the middle of the night, and on rare occasions, students will wake to find Lucy floating above their bed staring down at them.

The building has since been demolished, but perhaps, Lucy has remained near the site of the building or hopefully has finally found peace.

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