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Three Haunted Schools in Nebraska

Three Haunted Places in Nebraska Series

Lexington Middle School – Previously Lexington High School – Lexington, Nebraska

Lexington Middle School is reportedly haunted by a young girl who died after trying to take down an American flag from a pole. One evening, the young girl saw the flag was still flying. Understanding proper flag etiquette, she knew that the flag should not be left out overnight and decided to take the flag down as a matter of respect. At the time, the school was being renovated and a new section was being added. The girl climbed up the scaffolding adjacent to the new structure and managed to get the flag, but when she turned to get back down, she lost her footing and fell 40 feet to the ground. She survived the fall and was taken into the school. However, the girl died two hours later. A stone with a ribbon was later placed in the northwest corner of the building to honor her.

According to reports, the young girl is said to turn lights on and off and turn the water on in the third floor girl’s bathroom. Other reports include doors opening and closing, chairs sliding across the floor, and the flag descending the pole on its own.

Dorchester High School – Dorchester, Nebraska

According to legend a student once accidentally locked himself or herself in the boiler room. No one heard the student's cries and they died after several days. The student is said to still haunt the boiler room. The most common paranormal occurrence involves hearing screams at night, but when staff go to investigate the area they find no one. A rumor of a curse among current students involves a dare to go down to the boiler room. On occasion the student who takes on the dare doesn’t come back.

In addition to the sounds of screams, a sense of uneasiness can be felt throughout the room. After descending sixteen narrow concrete steps to a dark storage room, the visitor will find a the area filled with boxes, tables, chairs, light fixtures, and a red plastic students desk in one of the corners.

Bellwood Elementary School - Bellwood, Nebraska

Bellwood Elementary School located in the small town of Bellwood, Nebraska was approved for construction in 1964. The school was completed in 1965. Before this particular school was completed, four other schools had been in operation, but were only heated by coal. Coal was brought up from a coal bin located in the basement and distributed out to the stoves throughout the buildings to provide a heat source. Winter months in Nebraska can be treacherous and the approval for a modern building with a heating system was needed to administer a safer and more efficient environment for the students.

According to legend, the most haunted area of the building is the library. The apparition of a woman who appears to have been severely burned can be seen in one of the library windows. Odd noises and cold spots have also been reported in the library. Throughout the building shadowy figures have been seen wandering up and down the halls at night. The sound of keys jingling has also been heard.

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